Dominica, known for its pristine beauty and vibrant culture, is fast becoming a destination for medical tourism and education, thanks to institutions like the recently established St. Joseph University. The university aims not only to educate global individuals on healthcare but also to promote Dominica’s medical tourism potential on international platforms.

Ian Jackson, Marketing Manager at St. Joseph University, shared in an interview that the university’s mission goes beyond education. It’s about making Dominica a go-to destination for healthcare. “We are hoping that this institution will encourage more people to visit Dominica. We want Dominica to become a center in the OECS where people spend their money not only on learning but also on accommodation, travel, dining, and so on,” Jackson said.

The university offers intermediate health courses like nursing, pre-nursing, sonography, and pharmacology. But the learning opportunities extend beyond the medical field, with courses in business, computer science, and more. This diverse course offering, coupled with flexible hours and competitive rates, makes St. Joseph University an excellent choice for locals and international students alike.

Dr. Curvin Ferreira, a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist who heads the institution, has been dreaming of establishing a university for nearly three decades. This dream stems from his patriotism and desire to give back to his country. He believes that St. Joseph University is more than just a learning institution – it’s a matter of national pride.

Despite past hurdles, such as an unsuccessful application to establish a medical school in 2010, Dr. Ferreira’s perseverance has seen the university take shape. The institution was recently inducted into the World Directory of Medical Schools, a significant step towards gaining accreditation.

Dr. Ferreira envisions St. Joseph University as a platform that will benefit from and contribute to Dominica’s rich resources. “We have one of the few oceanic rainforests in the world, and nobody’s doing forest management. So we are looking at those environmental things,” he said. By incorporating studies that could strengthen the island’s resources, the university aims to expand the country’s knowledge economy.

While the university currently resides at Adams Tower in Roseau, plans are underway to establish a center in St. Joseph and other parts of the island in the future. With around 30 students already enrolled and more expected to join in September, St. Joseph University is undoubtedly a burgeoning beacon for medical tourism and education in Dominica.

In conclusion, St. Joseph University is paving the way for Dominica to become a hub for medical tourism and education. With its diverse course offerings, competitive rates, and commitment to promoting Dominica’s healthcare sector, the university is set to make significant contributions to the island’s growth and international reputation.

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