The Confucius Classroom at Dominica State College (DSC) recently teamed up with the Faculty of Health Sciences to host a free health fair for the college community. This event represented a significant step towards promoting health awareness and providing quality healthcare services on campus.

Four specialist doctors, including cardiologist Dr. WANG Xianbao, urologist Dr. XIANG Qi, ophthalmologist Dr. LIU Qiong, and anesthesiologist Dr.SONG Fuhu, were present at the fair. Approximately 60 members of the DSC community benefited from their expertise over a two-hour duration. The most requested service was eye exams from the ophthalmologist, closely followed by consultations with the cardiologist and the pain physician. Regular health checks, like blood pressure monitoring, were also readily available.

Dean Trudy Christian of the Confucius Classroom expressed gratitude for the collaboration with the medical team. “This health fair was an invaluable experience for our students and staff as they had direct access to some of the best medical minds in our country,” she stated. The Confucius Classroom is hopeful of further collaborations with the medical team to continue hosting successful health fairs at DSC.

The Confucius Classroom, officially commissioned on May 26, 2022, aims to broaden the knowledge of Mandarin and enhance cultural awareness and appreciation of Chinese culture. Alongside offering Mandarin classes, the Classroom has also hosted a summer camp and various cultural activities, including the celebration of International Chinese Language Day.

DSC’s dedication to providing its community with access to quality healthcare is evident through events like these free health fairs. With the success of this event, we can look forward to more such collaborations between DSC’s Confucius Classroom and leading medical teams in the country.

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